The bullfighter's wedding

We have been nonstop which is no excuse for the wonderful bunch of bulbs which arrived in due time and was exactly what we wanted and needed and are now duly and properly planted. Then we went away for three days to my mother-in-law's place and then the wedding from which we were lucky to flee before 11 pm. when the flamenco was about to get started (it would have meant easily 3 or 4 in the morning) but it was all a great success; I had never met him before, being much older, but I asked Poti Bohorquez to introduce me and found him, not only very nice, but above average in inteligence and eager to know and talk to others and specially natural and humble within dignity. They looked very happy and the old Domecq House had been brilliantly decorated by somebody that aunt Paloma (the bride's grandmother) had brought from Madrid. Flowers were splendidly done in mauves/red and blue with white roses and the green of some funny leaf in enormous wases all around the house. Food and drink were excellent and a beautiful bunch of people amongst which the beauty of splendid long-legged young virgins attracted the eyes of many of the old - as me - mummies that were hanging about a little bored with the silly and usual cock-tail conversation. Weather was terribly good and this went on for as many hours as you can simply believe. I must say that the mariage itself, mean to say, the Mass and rest of the Church bit was extremely well taken care of. A good Priest and a lovely sermon that was able to retain the attention of the enourmous amount of guests(+ or - around 725) together with a very good music and chorus that did not harm at all Mozart, Haendel and Haydn´s works. Then we had lots of fellow-bullfighters, gipsy stars and what not mingled amongst the sherry families, dukes and counts from all over the country, so apart from the cocktail nonsense I think we spent more of our time saying hello to people. Did you see the corresponding "Hola"? It was no good because they weren't allowed to get into the House - thank God - but that was really very, very nice. I hadn't been back to it since we were sold out in '94 so it was really some sort of funny and sad experience which dear old La Ina helped me to get through in spite of Carmen´s scolding.
Well, darling, I am not too good as a reporter, but tried my best. I do not know why we have been so rude to you, but it wasn't meant. We want to see you both very soon. Would you please give me your telephone so Carmen may talk yo you? Lots of love, Manolo.


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